2020 Miss Virginia Earth

Brianna Ruff

2020 Miss Virginia Earth

March 14, 2020

Arlington, Virginia

Regional Coordinator

Dr. Allison Hill 

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Divisions Available

MISS Age 18-28

TEEN MISS Age 13-18

ELITE MISS Age 26-38

MRS. Age Age 21-58 

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2020 Mrs. Virginia

Rachel Kraemer

2020 Elite Miss Virginia

Jasmine Canady

2020 Teen Miss Virginia

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2019 Miss Virginia Earth
Katie Ann Magyar
2019 Elite Miss Virginia
Tiffany Skiba
2018-19 Mrs. Virginia
Christina Choi
2018 Miss Virginia Earth
Lili Klainer
2018 Elite Miss Virginia
Cristinaelena Ruiz
2018 Teen Miss Virginia
Alexa Arzillo
2017 Miss Virginia Earth
Jasmine Canady
2017 Elite Miss Virginia
Jennifer Deskins
2016 Miss Virginia Earth
Erika Baldwin
2016 Teen Miss Virginia
Leslie Jackson
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2018 Elite Miss Virginia

Cristinaelena Ruiz